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Staten Island Community 3

NEIGHBORHOODS: Annadale, Arden Heights, Bay Terrace, Charleston, Eltingville, Great Kills, Greenridge, Huguenot, Pleasant Plains, Princes Bay, Richmond Valley, Rossville, Tottenville, Woodrow

Annadale – Once inhabited by the Raritan Indians. Named around 1860 to honor Mrs. Anna S. Seguine, a descendant of French Huguenots who settled on the South Shore. Today, Annadale’s once-pristine woodlands have been developed into small tracts of homes. Visit Annadale homes for sale and South-East-Annadale homes for sale.

Arden Heights – Named around 1886 by Erastus Wiman, a 19th-century real estate developer, promoter, entrepreneur and journalist. He created the transportation hub in St. George and was partially responsible for bringing electricity to the Island.

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Bay Terrace – A small South Shore community, north of Great Kills, with 33 streets. Staten Island Rapid Transit has a station in Bay Terrace.

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Charleston – Is the name of a neighborhood, or section, of New York City‘s borough of Staten Island. It is located on the island’s South Shore, with Tottenville to the south, Pleasant Plains to the East,Rossville to the north, and the Arthur Kill to the west.

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Eltingville – Once known as South Side (1873) and later Sea Side, Eltingville takes its name from the Elting family, which settled the area in the 19th century.

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Great Kills – Once a mecca for fishermen and noted for the fine seafood served in its hotels. The shoreline was called Cairedon and the inland was known as Newtown. The area was later named Giffords (as in Giffords Lane, which bisects the community), after the local commissioner and surveyor of roads, Daniel Gifford. The name, derived from the Dutch word kil (creek or waterway), was adopted in 1865. Today, Great Kills is home to marinas and is part of the expansive Gateway National Recreation Area.

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Greenridge – Once the site of the French Church, a place of worship for the many Huguenot families who settled in the area. Called Kleine Kill by the Dutch and Fresh Kills by the Colonial English. Also once known as Marshland, and named Green Ridge around 1876.

Huguenot – Known as Bloomingview in the mid-1800s, the community derives its name from the Protestant Huguenots who fled persecution in France during the 16th and 17th centuries. Today, Huguenot’s natural woodlands have largely been sacrificed for upscale housing.

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Pleasant Plains – This community of rolling meadows was named after a railroad station built in 1860 at a bend in Amboy Road. Acclaimed harpist Maud Morgan and New York Opera manager Max Maretzek once lived there. Today, Pleasant Plains is home to one of the Islands largest burial grounds, Resurrection Cemetery.

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Princes Bay – Called Lemon Creek until about 1861. Named for William, Prince of Orange, who became King of England (1650-1702). The once prosperous fishing and oystering village produced oysters so well known they were called Prince’s Bay oysters on menus in Manhattan and London. Today, Prince’s Bay is home to a campus of the Staten Island University Hospital.

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Richmond Valley – Forms part of Tottenville. Contains many nice houses along Amboy Road, Beach Avenue and other streets.

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Rossville – Named in the 1830s after Col. William E. Ross, who had built a replica of Windsor Castle, called Ross Castle, on a hill overlooking the ferry depot there. Originally called Old Blazing Star, after a tavern located in the area.

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Tottenville – Originally part of the Manor of Bentley in the late 1600s and later called The Neck during the American Revolution. Named since 1862 for Major General Joseph G. Totten, chief engineer of the U.S. Army, who directed the building of fortifications along the Eastern Seaboard, except for a brief period around 1910 when it was called Bentley Manor. Today, Tottenville is home to the Conference House, site of unsuccessful peace talks between John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Edward Rutledge and British officials in September 1776.

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Woodrow – This South Shore town is home to Community Board 3 in the Woodrow Shopping Plaza. Woodrow is home to the first Methodist church — Woodrow United Methodist Church — in this part of the country, built in 1771. Its colonial burial ground contains some of the Islands earliest families: Poillon, Seguine, Winant, LaForge and Mersereau.

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Tottenville High School

Public School 56

Public School 3

St. Joseph by the Sea High School

Eltingville Lutheran School

Holy Child School of Religion

Gingerbread Learning Center Inc.

Public school IS 34


You’ll never believe you’re in New York City.  Southern Staten Island is a nature lover’s paradise, with diverse natural areas and countless recreation opportunities. Visit some of our parks.

Conference House Park

Bloomingdale Park

Blue Heron Park

Wolfe’s Pond Park

Clay Pit Ponds Park


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